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Meeting 2 class X


Materi Pemelajaran : Personal Pronouns

Kompetensi Dasar 1.1 : Memahami ungkapan dasar pada interaksi sosial untuk kepentingan kehidupan

TASK 1. Refresh your mind and remember again the use of personal pronouns.

A. Possessive adjective

൧. Is this your classroom?

൨. Is your teacher sitting at her own chair now?

B. Possessive Pronoun

൧. My classroom is on the first floor, where is yours?

൨. That is your motorcycle, Do you see mine?

C. Reflexive Pronoun

൧. Do you do your homework by yourself?

൨. Can the headmaster drive the car by himself?

൩. I myself do the exercise?

TASK 2. Breaking the ice

Direction: (ROUND CLASS) Walk around the class, ask the following questions to each of your friends. Give the answer by using pronouns based on your experiences.

1. Who cooks your breakfast?

2. Who washes the clothes?

3. Who wakes you up in the morning?

4. Who teaches you the English language?

5. Who teaches you computer?

6. Who always speaks English with you?

7. Who always orders you food at school?

8. Who always treats you meatball?

9. Who never speaks English in your classroom?

10. Who can sing English song in your classroom?

TASK 3. Grammar

Direction: (PAIRWORK) Discuss with your partner then circle the correct pronoun in the bracket.

1. It is Jonathan’s paper. Please give it to (she / her / him).

2. I’m sorry Laura. I can’t help you type the letter, you have to do it by (yourself, you, your).

3. Tell Joana to meet me here. And don’t forget to bring ( she / me / hers) homework.

4. (We / Our / Us ) uncle is coming here. He wants to see the principal.

5. It is important for all of us to be honest with (ourselves, our, we).

6. Mala is very beautiful. (She / her / hers ) hair is long. (she / her / hers) is also very friendly to (our/ us / ours).


Direction: (HOMEWORK) Complete the dialogues with the correct pronouns. (Look Task 1).

1. Puspa : Good morning everybody. …… name is Puspawati . I come from Brastagi

Wahyu : Hello, ……am Wahyu Zulkiram. My nick name is Wahyu. I am from Bengkulu.

2. Herman : I put my key somewhere here, Do you see it?

Sintya : Is that really ……….? I thought it’s steven’s

3. Student : Please forgive ……….. because I didn’t do my homework.

Teacher : Well, it’s all right. Write the exercise number one on the whiteboard.

4. Employer : I usually type …………letters in full block style.

Secretary : That’s fine as long as you can type well.

5. New Student: My I introduce…………?

Teacher : Yes, please.

6. Man : We are very happy you have accepted …… apology.

Woman : It’s all right. Please don’t do it again

TASK 5. Choose the right pronouns to complete the correct sentence.

1. The computer is still hot. Don’t touch …………

2. ………sometimes goes to Bogor with her classmates.

3. Please take the food and give …… to the dog.

4. Juanda bought four tickets of Laskar Pelangi but he forgot to put……… in his pocket.

5. I talked to Siska and Glenn. I told ……. about a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Nurhayati.

6. When everybody forget Mike’s birthday, Rossa decided to give ……. a birthday present.

7. Steve invited ………to go to the basketball game with him.

8. You may think Susan is telling the truth, but I ……don’t believe him.

9. Betty and ………had dinner with my family last night.

10. Siti Molek is from Padang Sidempuan but …..lives in Depok.

( this is the end of the exercie.

Meeting 1


Materi Pemelajaran : Present Simple with To BE

Kompetensi Dasar 1.1 : Memahami ungkapan dasar pada interaksi sosial untuk kepentingan kehidupan

TASK 1. Breaking the ice

Direction:Ask the following question to each of your friends in the classroom. If the answer YES, write her/his name on YES column. If the answer is NO , write on the NO column.


. is pizza expensive?

2. Is your house far from school?

3. Is there a free school bus in your city?

4. Is your classroom square?

5. Is ‘Laskar Pelangi’ the movie interesting?

6. Is your teacher patient?

7. Is your teacher talkactive?

8. Are your classmates friendly?

9. Are you from Bangka Belitong?

10. Are you fifteen years old?

11. Is there any pool in your school?

12. Is the school canteen clean?

13. Is the school toilet clean?

14. Is your hobby reading novel?

Task 2. Writing Report

Direction: Write a report with negative and positive responses.

Complete the following dialogues with the correct TO BE.

1. Woman : Excuse me, …………….you Kenny?

Man : No, I…… My name …… Leon. I ….a new office boy here.

2. Man : What ……. your phone number? ….. it 433 6767?

Woman : No, that … my school number. My new number is 344 6677.

3. Man : Where …….they from? ……..they from England?

Woman : No, they …………. They ………. from France.

4. Woman : He ……… very handsome. Who …….he?

Man : He ……… a new student from Kuala Lumpur.

5. Man : Where …….the children? …….…they in the living room?

Woman : No, they ………. They ………..in the yard.